Reasons Why I Don't Make Any New Year's Resolution

The year 2020 has already started and most of us have made new year resolutions. Many of us are able to follow them and many have already broken it. 

The idea of changing ourselves and adopting good habits in life is the main reason behind new year resolutions. 

At the end of the year, we analyse our goals that were not met and get determined to work on it sincerely in the coming year. But have you ever wondered why most of us fail to keep up with new year resolutions and quit it by the first month itself. 

I realized this in the last few years and decided I won’t make any new year’s resolution and regret about it at the year end. 

You must be wondering why someone would not want to change their habits and set new goals. Well I am never against setting a new goal, adopting good habits or making a resolution. 

I just realized that New year’s resolution is overrated and just makes our lives more complicated. How?

I am going to list down my reasons here. Maybe some of you will relate to it and some would not find it reasonable. Here are few of my reasons to not make any new year’s resolution.

Setting Unrealistic Goals:

In the excitement of new year arriving in our lives we get carried away and make some unrealistic resolution. This starts creating an unknown pressure on our mind to keep up with the promise we made to ourselves. We feel bound to act in a certain way which was not part of our life a few days ago. It works better when we break down our bigger goals into small goals and work on them with a pace that doesn’t overwhelm us.

The main reason to quit on these goals is we set a gigantic mile stone and end getting exhausted by just thinking about it. Our goals don’t need to revolve around the new year or some other event. Just think of it as something important you have been willing to do and give it a kick start.

Getting influenced instead of getting inspired:

In the previous 5 years the lifestyle for us has changed a lot. We spend most of our time on social media platforms. It provides us way more information than it is required. We tend to see a lot of social media influencers these days and their intention is to keep us engaged with their content. But do you really think they are able to live a life the way they showcase us on social media platforms?

They show us a small part of their life and we assume it might be always as fabulous as it looks on Facebook or Instagram. We need to draw a line between the virtual illusion and ground reality.  Think rationally and act upon what actually fits on your life. Copying someone else is always going to take us towards failure and frustration.

The race of consumerism:

Just like any other festival be it Diwali or Valentine’s day(Yeah, now India celebrates it grander than Diwali), the retailers and eCommerce companies look up to to this as an opportunity to make us buy more and more things. They will advertise huge discount sales to update your wardrobe, upgrade your house appliances, your mobile phone, your laptop, your car and even your flats before new year arrives. Get a huge discount on gym annual membership where you won’t show up the entire year after a week. All these advertisements are designed to make us feel bad about our existing life, our body, and our social status.

It is a vicious cycle where you get a gym membership to end up shopping for gym clothes, shoes, some gears like Bluetooth earphones or fitness tracker. Without them you feel like you can’t show up in the gym.

Don’t be a sheep:

When I say don’t be a sheep, it means don’t follow something everyone else is doing. Before new year you realized that you need to control your junk food intake, start eating healthy, quit binge drinking habits or maybe quit smoking. Yeah, these are some common resolutions people take around Christmas just to end up drinking more in some Christmas even party or new year’s eve.

Enjoying the holiday season and chilling out with people who make you happy is the main reason behind it. But it has become a matter of pride to party on new years eve and wake up the next morning in a huge hangover. Trying to recover from it the next day and regretting it comes next. What is the point of such enjoyment which leaves you guilt ridden.

People who are not having their friends and family around feel miserable about this. Yeah I too felt it because I moved into a new city in 2019. But why do we feel like missing out on something important in life?

 It is just a single day of the year. There are 364 days ahead of us to enjoy and celebrate with people we actually care about.

These are my point of view and it will vary with others. Our vision might not match but the ultimate goal is to be happy and content with whatever we do in life. So if partying is on your mind then don’t stop..Go ahead and enjoy to the fullest….

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