Are You Connected???

By hearing the word connected what is the first thing that comes to our mind?

Its obviously the young generation thinks connectivity to internet, the virtual world, social network..That is the first response we get from anyone in the internet era.

But are we actually connected with the world???

This mind boggling question has kept me curious from a long time. We have everything on our fingertips.. Want to talk to someone..Just dial and you are connected..We can see them and hear their voice. But it has lost the essence of seeing someone and be present physically…

The more we are close to technology, less we are close to ourselves and our loved ones. We chat with people sitting miles away from us but ignore the one sitting in the same room… Just imagine if there were no mobile phones, would you still ignore people around you?

Want to do shopping.. Open a website and there you go.. buy what ever you want..It does saves our time, energy and fuel but also takes hours when we can browse endlessly…We need to think how is it helping us save time?? It is useful in case when you are sure about what to buy but not for the ones who are just bored…

Get out sometimes for experience

Feeling hungry? We pick up the phone and order anything you want…Saved us a lot of time from starving but also major reason for many people’s obesity as they eat when they are bored. Sometimes going to a restaurant, surrounded by people, interact with the staff, makes the experience better than eating alone in your flat watching TV.

I too am a lazy person and and avoid going out most of the days. But it feels good when I get out and interact with friends, family, see people eating, chatting while dining.

Ditch technology sometimes

Technology has evolved so much that now we don’t buy books..Just read online or opt for audio books…Easily accessible but it can’t compete with the feeling of holding a book in our hand and flip pages.

These inventions were meant to make our lives easy and buy us some time from doing everything manually…But has it really bought us time or we are the busiest generation ever??

Busy doing nothing most of the times and some of us are actually overloaded with too much to tackle…

Well, I agree that boredom kills our human spirit, so we keep exploring, inventing tools to simplify life. But after some time we loose the sight why it was actually invented..

Meet loved ones more often

I can still recall childhood days when we use to write letters to our loved once. The frequency might be very low but there was abundance of love, care & affection in it..And immense joy on the face of recipient…

Then came landline phones and we stared hearing voice of people we loved and could not meet very often.. It was a pleasant phase as well..

Technology evolved and we invented mobile phones, later smart phones etc…Our lifestyle certainly were changed by this masterpiece of science.

But now most of us are always lost in our mobile screens, browsing scrolling and staring mindlessly sometimes.

What about talking to the family member, a friend or just a colleague. It will bring more valuable human connection than the virtual one.

Spare time for the self

In order to keep up with the trends we have lost ourselves. When was the last time you sat alone and quietly without scrolling the mobile or computer screen??

I bet most of us are so scared to get in touch with the feeling within that we keep ourselves occupied with something or anything…

For a very long time I did not realize that I tried to talk my heart out to someone known or sometimes unknown..But didn’t had the courage to sit with my own feelings, emotions accumulated during various life experiences. I expected others to understand my feelings, but in reality I wasn’t aware of my own feelings.. I wasn’t connected with myself. But now I realize it’s my responsibility to know myself not someone else…

I am not advocating to become a caveman and not use technology. It should be always used to simplify our lives but should never become the reason of complexity in life. We need to learn to take out time for ourselves, family, loved ones and things that we would have done if there was no mobile & internet..

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