Life Is Outside The Comfort Zone

Basic human nature is to build a comfortable lifestyle for ourselves and our family. We all work towards this goal as soon as we start earning. Buying a house, car, setting up a comfortable living space. That’s all we want from life..Right??

Wrong.. Human beings were not meant to live a boring life. Getting out of comfort zone, exploring the unknown, that’s what we are made for. We feel alive when we are challenged and push ourselves to overcome fear of unknown…

“As you move outside of your comfort zone, what was once the unknown and frightening becomes your new normal.” — Robin S. Sharma

We humans are curious to explore the universe, dark side of moon but somewhere are hesitant to explore different way of living life. Staying in comfort zone makes me uncomfortable…

Ages ago we started making rules according to our own convenience. Gradually it became custom..That’s how we try to control those who comes under rebel category. We impose old rules and try to stop people who think out of the box.

But why are we supposed to think in a certain way. There are n number of possibilities in every aspect of life. Kids can study what they find interesting not what was designed by society long back. Adults can choose profession of their choice even if it is not paying well initially. Time has changed and we need to change our stone age beliefs.

Usually people have a template for living life. Go to school, get a degree, get a job, get married, have kids, bring them up and sacrifice for them and at the end die in lots of regret that you could not do what you actually wished to do with your life.

Young generation has some how seen the consequences of following the template and its frustration in our parent eyes.

People who are now in their 60’s have scarified a lot in the name of society, family responsibilities and we should be thankful for they have done for their kids and family. When we ask them what do they regret the most?The answer usually starts with “I wished….”…

They did not dare to pursue their dreams due to fear of criticism.

But Younger generation is ready to break the shell and come out of the box. We are daring to explore what could happen if we do not follow predefined path..We like to take up challenges even if we do not reach to the desired destination, there will no regrets that why didn’t I gave it a try…

People often ask me why I am leading an unconventional life? Why do I keep changing cities or why am I not following what everyone else is doing?..Most of the time they are genuinely curious but few are ready to give free advise…

I love to stay in different places despite of the challenges. What do I gain from it?

I learn about new culture, meet new people, encounter new scenarios in life to deal with. Initially I would wonder why did I give up the comfortable life I had in previous city..As time passes I start finding new place has a lot to offer and I get a lot to learn. That’s the excitement of not settling in one city..

Every new place has something exciting to offer. Different culture, food, ethnicity, language..This widens my horizon of knowledge and keeps me engaged with everything new around me. I feel truly blessed to get opportunity to move in a new place and live there.

When we dare to push our limits, it always shows our strength…

Unless you are not crazy enough to go after your dreams you are not living your life the way it is meant to be lived.

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