Stop procrastination and work on your goals

” The best way to get something done is to begin.”

We all have some goals, aspirations in our life and it feels good when ever we achieve them. Sequence of achievement doesn’t matter but reaching closer towards goal definitely matters to me….

We all have different goals in life. Some of us want a better job, some wishes for fitness, better health, some are looking for mental peace or maybe just learn to drive a car…

Whatever your goal might be in life, it can be achieved only by taking each step towards it. But procrastination is the culprit for most of us to not even starting to work towards our ambitions. We are sometimes so scared of the failure that we don’t dare to start at all…

Many of us have this perception that we will get this done in few days or just in few weeks…

I have been a procrastinator all my life. Not that I am proud of it but admitting it helps take actions to overcome this habit. As long as we don’t know what is holding us back in our success we can never fix the problem.

I have been aspiring to be a good writer, travel new places frequently, publish more blogs etc but end up procrastinating.

It is difficult for me to bring significant changes in life at once but then how do go ahead towards my goal? I have started taking small actions towards my ambitions.

e.g. Dirty kitchen slab use to annoy me but I was quite lazy to clean it. Now, I try to keep my kitchen clean every night before I go to bed. Initially it was tough to continue this activity but later on it became a ritual for me.

I am sharing few tips which tends to work for my procrastinating attitude and get me going….

Write the goals and keep note insight.

Writing our goals and putting it in front of our sight is a really useful trick. Whenever you see the note it reminds us that we need to spend time on it to turn our dreams into reality. Be it going out for daily walk or studying to acquire a new skill. We need to stay focused to master anything and make it a habit. That’s why write it down and keep it in display…

Work on it everyday

Putting small amount of effort everyday makes huge difference rather than trying to get it done in a single day of just in a week. I always tried to change my habit of studying at last hours during my college exams but sadly did not give it up. After struggling for years to acquire a good habit, I have understood that you can’t break down a mountain in a day or week…

So now When I am looking for long term results, I am putting my effort daily instead of trying to do it in one go.

Don’t judge the progress after few days

We can’t help to stare at our flab around the waist just after coming out of very first GYM session and wonder have I lost some flab or am I looking any slimmer? Though we know it will take months to get desired result unless you wanna go on a crash diet and eventually crash….

We should not be too quick to judge the progress. Give it some time and you will notice the change yourself. Remember any activity which you are able to do effortlessly now, you struggled to do it in past….

Compare yourself only with the older version of self not with others, always try to be constructive while doing it…

Keep yourself motivated with your vision

Keeping ourselves motivated and continue to work on our goals are easier said than done…

But we are the one who want it badly. So it is our responsibility to keep ourselves motivated and keep reminding us what a joyful feeling it would give us once we reach to the point of accomplishing what we have been dreaming of.

I can’t explain the joy I felt after publishing my first blog here even though I was little anxious to post it…

Be patient….Great things take time..

“Great things take time; that is why seeds persevere through rocks and dirt to bloom.”
― Matshona Dhliwayo

No one has ever experienced success without putting significant amount of hard work and dedication towards their aim. But our generation wants success just like fast food and ready to eat packages. But mind it, the consequences are just right at the corner as well.

Being patient is the best gift we can give to ourselves while working towards our goals..

Our dreams are important to us and we always wait for someone important even though they show up late…

One thought on “Stop procrastination and work on your goals

  1. Procrastination is one of the roadblocks that I believe hinders me from doing greater things. Sometimes, I don’t even realize I’m doing it yet I don’t try to change and stop doing it. Then there is the fear of failure, I can tend to see it as finality. But every failure is a stepping stone towards success…


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