Trip to Pondicherry

Travelling gives my soul sense of freedom and calmness at the same time. Whenever I visit a new place, it gives me excitement that I will get to know about their culture, lifestyle food and other aspects.

I lived in Chennai for 7 years which created a soft corner for the city and its culture. After 6 years of leaving the city, I decided to pay a visit to it and go to Pondicherry. While I was in Chennai I did visit Pondy but wanted to go there for a relaxed vacation. So I booked my tickets along with my sister and we started our Journey from Kolkata.

While planning I booked an early morning flight so that I can save money and time as well. Landed in Chennai after 6 long years, so many memories flashed in front of my eyes. I did my Engineering(B.TECH) in Chennai.

There are so many beautiful memories of this city and my college that I can talk about for hours. Later on I decided to go to Sarvana Bhawan to eat some delicious south Indian food. It is one of the most popular restaurant chain in South India, specially in Tamil Nadu. This restaurant is so popular that people stand in queue to wait for a table in Cannught place in Delhi. I can’t explain how excited I was to sit in the same restaurant I use to go 6 years ago while I was living in Chennai. I couldn’t find a single place in Kolkata for South Indian food that can match with the taste of Chennai’s food.

After having breakfast we left for Koyembedu Bus Stop to catch our bus. I booked everything online and Red Bus provides pretty good service in booking buses. One important thing I would like to tell is that CMBT and Koyembedu are two different bus stop. I got confused and was about to miss the bus.

But thank God ,I checked with a shopkeeper in CMBT. People are really helpful in Chennai and rest to of the South as well. Basically all government operated buses are available at CMBT whereas Private buses operate from Koyembedu which is just 5 mins walking distance.

Somehow me and my sister caught our bus and our journey to Pondicherry started. Bus took around 4 hours and 30 mins to reach there. The route is so beautiful as the coast line is spread besides the road. But let me warn you one more thing that climate gets pretty harsh from February and I made a mistake of going there in last week of February. After reaching we took an auto to the Hotel Le Mirage which we booked for our stay from Goibibo. It is one of the most reliable website to book tickets and hotel. Choosing a safe and pleasant accommodation is crucial part of any trip. Specially when you are not travelling in a big group. I must mention that Le Mirage exceeded my expectations in matter of comfort, safety and food as well.

After a long day we had very less energy left to go anywhere but still we managed to go to Promenade Beach. The beach is such a beauty that it I fell in love with its vibe. The smell of sea, sound of waves and tides striking rocks just made my day. Next day we visited Auroville, a different world where people from different nationality live joyfully. There is a temple for mediation known as Matrimandir where we can mediate. I had such a peaceful experience mediating there.

In evening we visited beach and walked down the streets to explore French colony. The city gives French vibe while walking through it’s streets.

Things I will never forget about this trip:

  • The incident when I was waiting at wrong bus terminal and would have missed it. It taught me to pay more attention on details before travelling. It saves us from last minute hassle
  • The picturesque East Coast Road along the Bay of Bengal with magnificent view which made me believe that the journey can be as beautiful as the destination.
  • Always keep climate in mind while planning trips as I hot and humid climate makes me uncomfortable.

This isn’t it as my journey moves further towards Kerala (Gods Own County). I will be sharing my experience in my future blogs. So Stay tuned…:)

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