Never Give Up On Yourself

Have you ever felt like giving up on your dreams and goals? I guess yes, we all have experienced this at least one in our lifetime. Feeling like quitting and surrendering to the circumstances. There has been times where life kicked me around. I felt like giving up and quit everything. I felt like I would reach no where in my life.

But trust me when I sit and analyze my journey so far, everything that looked like trouble at that time turned out blessing for me. It is very difficult to shift our perspective while going through a tough situation but if we just try to hold us together, the outcome will surprise us. During our tough time we struggle to find motivation and reason to go ahead with our goals. But we need to keep few things in our mind before quitting.

Great things take time

We all know if we want to master anything in life, it will take time. We need to sweat in order to shape our life just like we do in gym to shape our body. It is very important to realize that we can not climb a mountain in a single day. And to reach at the top we need to keep going. Many great personalities in history did not get success in a single attempt. Key to their success was never giving upon their dreams.

Thomas Edison was a man with vision. He held more than 1000 patents for his inventions. It took several attempts for him to establish electric bulbs in Manhattan. Imagine how it would have been now if he gave up at the first attempt. Maybe we would be still using ancient methods for light.

Learn from mistakes

It is easier said than done but this is how life teaches us any lesson. Do you remember falling while trying to walk for the first time? We might not recall this memory but just watch a baby trying to walk and you will know that a babies doesn’t know to quit. Then why do we start quitting on our dreams as we grew older?

It’s our society who taught us to quit and settle for mediocre life. When someone did not accomplish something in their first attempt, we easily say that you should quit this and try something else. Shouldn’t we tell that you did well in your first attempt. Keep improving and you will succeed next time

Its never too late to start

As we grow older, we built fear of not being capable of doing something we want to do. Our mental roadblock says, I am too old, too weak, inexperienced, not having skills to do this task. But we forget that there is always a first time to anything in life. We get hurt while learning to drive but the one who doesn’t mind getting hurt and keeps trying eventually learn to drive. And those who think I will get hurt again, never learns to drive. This is just an example. We come across similar experiences in life where we need to make choices between going ahead or stepping back.

Remember we are stronger than we think, smarter than we believe and more capable than what we are right now.

So when you think you can’t do something, just remind yourself that things that are easier for you now were difficult in the beginning. It was practice and dedication that unleashed your abilities not some magic.

Don’t burnout yourself

Most of us do not fail because our efforts were not enough but we killed ourselves in the process of making things look like success. Continuously working and not allowing yourself to take rest or a break eventually breaks us down. This is termed as burnout.

I feel the same after working for more than 8 years without considering giving myself time and attention I needed. I won’t shy away saying that this has hampered my performance at workplace. Just like our gadgets we need to be recharged to perform at our optimal level.

Failures doesn’t build our future

Failure is considered so bad that some people can’t accept it and end their lives. It breaks my heart when I hear news of some college student hanging themselves because they failed in some paper or course or not getting job in campus selection.

Failure is part of learning process. Our society and Indian parents need to stop creating pressure to be at the top all the time. Whoever defined meaning of success, it would have worked well for them. But we do not need to follow their footsteps. Our success should be defined by ourselves not by someone else’s point of view

I failed during my college days and if I would have given up, my life would be completely different from what it is now.

I feel lucky to have parents who not are always standing by my side but also never made me feel worthless if I have ever failed. They always told me that failure is not the end of world. This lesson has kept me going throughout my life.

One thought on “Never Give Up On Yourself

  1. When life gets overwhelming giving up seems like the logical thing to do. However, no one will benefit from what you have to offer if you throw in the towel. As human beings we always look for the easy way out, most of us will look for short cuts or choose the path of less resistance (guilty speaks). Unfortunately, success is not stroll in the park on a beautiful Sunny day. Anything of value in life takes focus, effort and hardship.


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