What I Learned From Waking Up Early?

There was a time I use to think when will get to sleep till late in mornings. As a child I hated waking up early morning. Though never had a choice but wake up early. After joining college I took full leverage of slept till afternoon as I was staying away from my home. Some days I would wake up even in the evening. Least did I know that I am creating a lifestyle which is not good in long run. I developed habit of staying awake till late night and wake up late in the morning. Till 2016, I remember waking up around 10 or 11 AM.

As days passed by my happiness turned into laziness, grogginess, sluggishness and many other things. I had no idea why my energy level was so low and left me feeling drained all the time. In 2016, I started experiencing sleep disorder and other. No matter how hard I tried, I could not sleep properly at night and end up sleeping late hours in morning.

There were several factors contributing my insomnia. Insomnia not only developed mood swings but also depression. I use to feel useless and had no motivation of doing any productive work.

All these experience forced me to think what could be the root cause for it. Few years back I came across some articles where the author talked about the benefits of being early riser. How he developed the life changing habit of waking up early which not only made him successful in his work but also motivated to lead a healthy balanced life. I can’t emphasize enough about the perks of getting up early.

So I decided why not I share my own experience with the world. Maybe it helps someone who is exactly going through the same.

Reduced Mood Swings

Well many of you would agree with me this on this point. When I started waking up early and continued for few days I started feeling the difference. It was a whole new experience for me as I completely forgot what it felt like rising early and watch sun rising. Listen to chirping birds and see the world waking up in morning bliss. It wasn’t just a calming experience but also reduced my mood swings. Study shows that getting sunlight early morning can cure many diseases without any medication. After struggling to wake up early for few days I started loving the whole experience. I was amazed to see myself in cheerful mood, less worried.

Ample Of Time

Once I started waking up early it occurred to me that I am having ample amount of time to meditate, exercise, do yoga, prepare breakfast and eat peacefully, read something or maybe just spend some quite time with myself in the park. Earlier I used to reach office late everyday but now it has become so easy to be on time.

Improved Concentration

One of the perks of getting up early, my concentration improved drastically. Before I was not sure why I lacked concentration and could not focus on anything. But after I started getting up early it shifted in a better way. I was able to get done so much work in a short span of time. I was amazed to see the level of productivity. My work bothered me less than it used to before. This made me realize that my work is not the cause of my stress but my lifestyle is.

Reduced Anxiety & Overthinking

I have a habit of overthinking and getting anxious sometimes. This was something I thought was completely normal because we all have a very stressful life. It is true as well that we can’t take out stressful situation out of our lives but can definitely learn how to manage it in a better way. As I learnt to rise early, many of my problems stopped looking like a problem to me. Managing a lot of work effectively by just rising early gave me a sense of relief and things started looking less tedious.

Sunrise & Bliss Of Nature

Those who wake up late might be missing a wonderful view of sunrise and blissful morning. These days we wait for a holiday to watch sunrise. Plan a trek to experience nature. The point is why do we go on treks and plan to wake up early to see sunrise? It makes our soul happy and fills us with energy. Why don’t we try to create such happy moments everyday?

I would recommend some delightful books which has helped me in elevate my life. Those who haven’t read it yet please give it a try. https://vineetasinha.com/2019/05/05/5-inspirational-books-that-has-actually-motivated-me/

2 thoughts on “What I Learned From Waking Up Early?

  1. Sleeping late once in a while brings different level of happiness. But I agree with you wake up early is what this current generation needs to learn.


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