How to minimize stress?

Stress has become an unavoidable dimension of life. We will rarely meet people who isn’t stressed. No matter how hard we try it comes in different forms.

So how do we minimize stress and make our lives stress free.

As I have been working in a corporate job and used to get into situation where managing stress becomes very difficult. I use to end up panicked and under huge pressure sometimes.

Once I realized that situation like these will always appear in life and we need to learn how to cope up with it. I started finding ways to help me reduce the stress in unavoidable circumstances.

I am sharing some of my tips which helped me to manage stress and deal with any situation that comes.

  • Meditation: It is very important to listen to our inner voice and try to understand. Meditation least for 10 mins daily has really helped me to connect with my emotions, inner chaos, fear and strengths. No matter how bad the day went, once we sit and meditate, many issues resolves by introspection itself. Slowing down and focusing on inner self makes us more resilient.
  • Herbal tea: One of magical herbs which calm down my nerves very quickly is Chamomile Tea. Whenever I am feeling overwhelmed and getting rush of emotions, it is a good idea to sit, breathe deeply and sip a warm cup of chamomile tea. I am using Organic India chamomile tea from last few years and swear by it. There are few other which I have tried as well and it works too. So next time when you can’t relax give herbal tea a try.
  • Walk in Nature: Walking in a park over the grass or sitting on bench around the tress. These are some of the best way to get over the thoughts which causes stress. Just walk by nature and pay attention to little details of nature. You will notice an immense feeling of joy and peace within. I love going to parks for a walk or just sitting on bench and observe nature. It works like a magic every time.
  • Yoga: Yoga has been a game changer in my life. From being an anxious and scared person, I have evolved into someone who knows that everything that happens is just a phase. I have learnt to embrace the process of life rather than making it an ideal portray. When we learn to breathe properly we also learn to let go all negative emotions. Besides yoga being beneficial for mental health it is also great to build a healthy routine. My personal experiences with yoga has made me quit junk food, indulging on binge drinking and eating outside.
  • Exercise: We all know the facts about exercise and its perks. But those who indulge into daily exercise routine are less prone to stress. Endorphin helps us to fight with stress and deal with it in a better way. Going for a jog or thirty minutes of cardio does wonder that any caffeine drink or alcohol is incapable of doing. In case you are not able to manage going to gym, you can definitely try these options in your convenient timings just like I do. There is a famous saying “You should be stubborn with your goals but be flexible in your methods”.
  • Music: One of my favorite mood enhancer is Music. I just put on some upbeat music on my Bluetooth speaker(UE ROLL2) or on my favorite headphone(Rebel BT House of Marley), when I am not in the mood to disturb others. Mainly I prefer to listen soothing songs but sometimes Bollywood catchy songs do the trick.

Hoping that these ideas will work for readers of my blog. If you some good ideas, I would love to hear those. Enjoy the process of life and don’t give up on your dreams. Please leave me a comment below.

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