Save money on shopping

We usually get to see that people are very liberal, when it comes to manage their shopping list be it for food, cosmetics,clothes . Wasting food has always annoyed me and I can’t help but raising my concern about this whenever I see someone throwing away food.

Wasting is not limited only to the area of food but it is widely spread in other dimensions of things we use in day to day life. People tend to buy buy more than required because it is on some sale in supermarkets (Which is by the way hoax created by marketers to sell more items in one go). But if you consume lesser amount in a certain period of time then it’s not wise to buy in bulk. The more you buy , more you spend. I can list down 5 reason why it is a bad idea to shop for bigger bags or quantity:

1. Degraded Quality

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The quality of food product degrades and it start attracting insects. If bought more in quantity the products might get expired and you can’t use them. Same applies on cosmetics and beauty products. Lipsticks, foundation or cream can be used with a year or max 1 and half year.

So next time before heading for shopping of grocery, clothes or cosmetics try to go though existing items in your house, kitchen. This will save you from buying more than our necessity.

2. Burn a Hole in your Pocket

Buying more than what is required eventually burns a hole in our pocket. Seeing a discounted item makes us think if I buy more of it, it will save money in longer run. But my personal experience says eventually spend more. It is just an illusion created by advertisers and marketers that items are cheaper and you should buy more. Moving stocks in fast pace and making more profit is their key motivators, not helping consumers save money. Next time be wise and don’t buy something just because it is on sale.

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3. Stuck with same item

You get stuck with the same item for a longer period of time. In case you don’t feel like using it after sometime then your money is getting wasted. No one likes monotonous choices in food or clothes.

e.g Bell sleeves, flared dresses, stripes have ramp up these days but this kind of fashion doesn’t last for even 5 years. While shopping we end up buying too many identical designs and feel stuck after sometime when fashion fades away. It is a better choice to get 1-2 items according to the trend and save yourself from getting stuck with identical products.

4. Reduced Waste

Buying only what is required helps us to reduce waste. By acting responsibly we are helping our environment. Just think how much waste gets produced just because we have become more aggressive about shopping and accumulating things .

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Less things helps us keep our house clutter free as we don’t have useless products in our house. Buying less helps to manage it more effectively. We don’t have to waste time wondering what to wear, where to find a certain thing in house.

5. More Savings

When we shop mindfully it gradually shows how saving here and there increase our bank balance. Suppose you need to replace your pair of jeans then just buy two jeans and step out of mall without wasting time in window shopping. Like this you save money as well as time and don’t get tempted to buy anything else that wasn’t on your mind earlier.

We all know time is money…

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