5 Reasons why you should not live only for weekends

Living for the weekend has become a culture now days. Most of us eagerly waiting for Friday evening when actual motivation of our life arrives. Saturday and Sunday.. Yes.. you heard me right. At least we IT professionals live only with the hope that after slogging my ass for five days I will live for two days. I don’t know about everyone but people around me are definitely living only because these two days comes after 5 days.

Binge eating and Drinking:

Until year 2017 I had no idea I was living life like there is no tomorrow and was proud of it. Going out every weekend and eating and drinking at a fancy restaurant. waking up next morning filled with regrets of burning a hole in my wallet. Somehow it was my lifestyle till first quarter of 2017. Something inside me was telling you are just trying to escape your reality and it was true. I am trying to improve since then and glad that I have altered my habits.

Shopaholic me:

I am guilty of spending most of my income on shopping. Shopping was a stress buster and I was addicted to it just like a drug addict. Buying anything on discount made me happy and trying to fill the void in my life. But most of the items are useless lying around covered in dust. Basically I became I hoarder of useless products be it clothes, cosmetics or food items. Instead of being reason of my happiness it became my trigger of anxiety. I felt surrounded in cutter. It was hard for me to resist the temptation these outlet use to give me. Now I have learnt to say no to temptation of shopping on sale and buy only when I actually need them.

I have no intention to tell don’t enjoy your life. you should be going out once in a while and indulge yourself with something you enjoy.

No savings for future:

Just like every other youth I completely rely on my credit card and getting drown in the ocean of never ending debt. Just because every weekend I had to go out, shop, dine and spend like a king to feel better about myself. This only left me unhappy and anxious. No financial Independence even after working for years. This has taught me a lesson for life that you should enjoy life with financial Independence not with a huge burden of debt. Fake friendship There will be always people for you until you are ready to jump in the well of thier crazy madness and say yes to every stupid plan. But as soon as you start caring about what is good and bad for you they will disappear from your life as they never existed. I literally thank them for leaving me because now I actually know who are my true friends and what friendship actually is.

Being careless about health:

Weekend for me was all about lying in bed ordering food online or going out and eat , drink and then spend on useless products.
I realised how unhealthy this is for me once I started getting problems with my health. I have learnt weekend is about improvement and rest. Spending time with myself and my loved ones. Taking out time for things that I love but couldn’t manage to do in weekdays.

Pile of unfinished business:

I have a bad habbit of of putting things on hold till weekend and sometimes I forget important things when weekend arrives as I don’t feel like doing anything.
Even if I manage to take care of one or two things others are missed out due to lack of time.

I have managed to understand few things and list down here and working each day to improve myself.

I am not sure if other people also have come across all these things but you will relate to one or two from the list for sure.
My only intention here to just highlight how small things become big reason of being miserable and feel like left out.
Just a little push towards good habbit can change our lives and make huge difference in the way we feel about ourselves.

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