The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

I am starting my writing journey today. Have been thinking of starting it from a long time, but just holding back that what should I write about and how to start it. All this was holding me back but if you never start you will never know what are the possibilities.

Let me introduce myself to everyone. I am a software engineer working for an MNC for very long. It’s been 8 years now. When I look back it makes me feel there is a world of opportunities and I want to explore that as well.

I love reading and writing. Yoga has changed my life for better. Some days I indulge in meditation but guilty of not being regular to my practice. Hoping this year I stop procrastination and learn to do what actually makes me happy. Traveling makes me happy but haven’t explored many places yet. This year I am going to visit places I have been willing to see.

I am eager to learn more not only about technology but also about cultures around the world. However I have to start exploring more in reality rather than on my mobile screen. It is not that I don’t go outside my city but the frequency needs to be increased.

I am here to share my experiences with the world and learn something new. Hope in this journey I will meet many wonderful people and learn something new everyday. See you guys in my next post…Till then have a awesome day ahead..

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